LA MUERTE - Kiss My Fist Video Clip

A Fusion of Underground Cinema and Horror with Practical Effects

In 2022, my journey led me to cross paths with the remarkable individuals behind La Muerte, a band deeply entrenched in the underground music scene. During this serendipitous encounter, I had the privilege of showcasing my work to Marc, the band's enigmatic lead singer.

Little did I know that this would mark the genesis of our collaborative journey, one that would ultimately culminate in the creation of their first music video for the upcoming album, Sortiligia.

Hailing from Brussels and founded in 1984, La Muerte had long reigned as mythical figures in the Belgian Underground music scene, leaving an indelible mark. Although their initial reign came to an end in 1994, their legacy continued to thrive in the archives and subversive narratives of revered cult heroes. Conversations about La Muerte would often fluctuate riotously, mirroring the unpredictability of their music.

Their sonic landscapes were a wild fusion of alternative metal and discordant noise, akin to a feverish midnight brawl between Motörhead, Velvet Underground, The Birthday Party, and Butthole Surfers. This unique blend led to the cultivation of a devoted cult following that continues to this day.

In a surprising twist of fate, March 2015 witnessed the resurrection of La Muerte, the most controversial band Belgium had ever seen, with a sold-out show at the Brussels Ancienne Belgique. Their return was met with ecstatic applause, and they were hailed as “The missing link between Salvador Dalí and The Stooges.” Founding members, Marc du Marais and Dee-J, took the stage with new blood: Michel Kirby, Christian Z., and Tino de Martino, breathing new life into the Popes of the Belgian Underground.

Fast forward four years, and La Muerte's cult status persists as they continue to push their boundaries with their latest release, SORTILEGIA. The album, once again produced by LA MUERTE and Déhà, serves as a scorching soundtrack to the Apocalypse, perfectly encapsulating their characteristic “morbid surrealism.”

To pigeonhole their music into a genre, one could aptly call it “Borderline Rock.” La Muerte consistently pushes the boundaries, maintaining a sharp edge to their sound. Their sonic cauldron simmers with a decapitating blend of psychedelic, metallic, and noisy elements, capturing their raw and fierce radicalism.

Enter “KISS MY FIST,” brought to life through the lens of the iconoclastic French director, Aconit CULT. His DIY Punk style, devoid of CGI, merges seamlessly with the band's ethos. Working manually with numerous photocopies, he masterfully crafts each frame with subtlety and anger. An overlay of painted cells further enriches these images, creating a graphic masterpiece bordering on abstraction.

Aconit Cult's visual interpretation brilliantly captures the essence, energy, and aestheticism of La Muerte, all while shunning CGI in favor of practical effects. The result is an epileptic-apocalyptic masterpiece that is as surprising as it is awe-inspiring. It's a testament to XPRMTAL-XEROX-SEX-TERROR-ZMOVIE-BADACIDTRIP-DIY aesthetics, delivering a sensory experience like no other.

With “KISS MY FIST,” La Muerte and Aconit CULT have seamlessly fused the worlds of underground cinema horror films and music, delivering a mesmerizing visual journey that boasts practical effects and stands as a bold testament to their unwavering commitment to creativity.

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